Ano Korakiana

The Ano Korakiana is one of the oldest villages of Corfu. Its territory stretches from the foothills Raven conditions and is one of the largest in area and population villages of Corfu.
The region’s history is connected with that of the rest of Corfu. Following the fate of the island, throughout its long path. In ancient times the area of Ano Korakiana Mount tissue Korakio today, but generally the Mount Pantocrator, took important events of the civil war, as Thucydides. Corinthians, Athenians, Romans, Byzantines, Angevins, Venetians, English was the folks who successively passed through the earth and left scars on nature, culture and psychosynthesi residents.
He has always been a predominantly agricultural region with main products: wine and oil. The microclimate of the region is characterized by an intense rainy winter. Sporadic rainfall during the spring season with a few appearances of spring frost. The summer seems particularly hot with enough cool summer nights, especially in the lowland parts. Autumn makes its appearance slightly rainy while temperatures remain high, with a declining trend mainly from the end of October.
Many grape varieties grown documented until our days, but unfortunately preserved in small private vineyards. According to testimonies old winegrowers some of the Primitive main grape varieties grown in Corfu there until our days in Ano Korakiana, suitable for winemaking are:


Kakotrygis, Xeropodia, Robola, Muscat or Moschatelo, Petrokoritho White, Tsoupi White or White Korakianitiko, Gkouzianiti


Petrokoritho Black, Skopelitico, Tsoupi Black or Black Korakianitiko, Afioni, Fidia, Mantzavi, Koumi, Katsakoulias.
>These grapes give wine delicious and very aromatic, with a body. The soil in the area is argylopylodes difficult to manage with quite high organoleptic compounds that give wine balanced acidity and high in alcohol content.