According to historical reports, Corfu from antiquity was primarily rural farming the vineyard and produce quality Wine. References in Homer’s Odyssey and Xenophon as to the suitability of land for the cultivation of grapes, make Corfu as the most famous wine-growing zone in Antiquity. Later, with the Treaty of delivery of Corfu to the Venetians typically refers that « wine is the most valuable product ». In the early 15th to the 17th century, the Corfu vineyard expanded to cover then demand because of phylloxera appeared in Western Europe. Nowadays only some small vineyards survived all these Primitive varieties vinified and for private use. According to testimonies small winegrowers some of the Primitive main grape varieties grown in Corfu and is suitable for winemaking are:


Kakotrygis, Xeropodia, Robola, Muscat or Moschatelo, Petrokoritho White, Tsoupi White or White Korakianitiko, Gkouzianiti.


Petrokoritho Black, Skopelitico, Tsoupi Black or Black Korakianitiko, Afioni, Fidia, Mantzavi, Koumi, Katsakoulias.